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Sex and Relationships, Made Simple.

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What is Modern SexTalks?


Modern SexTalks has conversations and interviews with experts and professionals in the fields of sex, intimacy and relationships.
We give you the know-how and freedom to fully express yourself sexually and emotionally without judgement.


Join us and learn all you ever wanted about how to improve your sex life, deepen the intimacy in your relationships, and better connect with the gender you find oh so sexy.


We also provide 1-on-1 consultations, and group workshops, to help cater this knowledge specifically to your situation and take your sex life and relationships to the next level. Click below for a free consultation.

Featured Podcast


Sept / 22nd / 2016

EP067 – The 5 Elements of Intimacy | Steven Seva

Steven Seva says there are 5 elements of intimacy. If you can master these elements, then your relationship will reach new heights of ecstasy. Enjoy the show.


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