(No Bullshit) Advice on Sex and Relationships
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(No Bullshit) Advice on Sex and Relationships

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What is Modern SexTalks?


Modern SexTalks is a personal growth company centred around sexuality and relationships.

We use sexuality as a means to encourage people to face their inner conflicts, while simultaneously giving you the tools to have happier relationships, and better sex lives.  


Our ideal listeners want to honour (and be honoured by) the gender of their sexual delight. Although we’re a bit hetero-normative and gender binary in our delivery, we’re welcoming of all expressions.


Join our community! (….please…we need more people who accept accountability over their own “shit” and put in effort to being better partners and lovers.)

Featured Podcast


Oct / 13th / 2016

EP076 – Porn Addicts Wife | Sandy Brown

Sandy Brown is the wife of a porn addict. And they’re madly in love. She has a very interesting story of how she helped him heal, and how she grew from it. Enjoy the show!


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