(No Bullshit) Advice on Sex and Relationships
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(No Bullshit) Advice on Sex and Relationships

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What is Modern SexTalks?


Modern SexTalks gives you the tools to have happier relationships, and incredible sex.

We believe that inner growth, self-compassion and self-love are the keys to great results in sex and relationships.

That’s why we use sexuality as a means to encourage people to face their inner conflicts, while simultaneously giving you the tools to get the results you want, and deserve.  


If you want more confidence, better relationships, and incredible sex, then you’re in the right place.


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Dec / 1st / 2016

EP097 – The Multi-Orgasmic Diet | Rebecca Gould

The multi-orgasmic diet has over 80 “recipes” to completely transform not just your sex life, but your happiness. Rebecca Gould tells all. Enjoy the show!


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