Simple tantric exercises for greater immersion

I just returned home from a weekend of tantra at my school. Now before your imagination takes over; No, it was not a weekend of sex. It was however quite sensual and informative. So today I will share with you some basic exercises you can practice with anyone for greater immersion. Also it requires no knowledge of tantra to do them.

To make the exercises more ceremonial you can stimulate the senses at the same time, either with music, lighting and so on for a cozy atmosphere. It is not required however. The three I will go through are identification, joint meditation and breath synchronization. After the exercises I will talk a bit about tantra and sexual energy.


Sit down and face each other. It is important you do not sit too far apart. A good distance is where you can clearly see the eyes of your partner. The identification practice is looking one another in the eyes for 3 to 10 minutes without getting distracted.

It is very likely you will experience laughter, maybe tears and other emotions in the process. Try avoid distractions. Stay with it and keep the eye contact throughout the entire time. Bring out your curiosity while doing so for extra effect.

Joint meditation

Again you sit facing one another. This time you close your eyes as well as your partner. Relax and breathe calmly as you enter a meditative state. If you are inexperienced in meditation, just sit still and breathe. When you feel in a calm state do the following; visualize a light of love inside you that you channel toward your partner. Sometimes this can bring feelings of intense presence. If you have worked with energy before this should come natural to you.

If you have difficulty using visualization techniques, just sit calmly with your eyes closed and maybe hold hands. A variation of this exercise is having your foreheads touch while you caress each other slowly with your eyes closed and let your hands explore each other.

keep the eye contact throughout the entire time. Bring out your curiosity while doing so for extra effect.

Breath synchronization

Your position is not too important as long as you are relaxed and comfortable. Place your palm on the chest of your partner and vice versa. An easy position for this is lying down with your heads in opposite direction. Now relax and allow your breathing to follow the same rythm. Pretty simple.

I have done all the exercises with partners at different times in my life and I am always surprised at how much you feel and gain when you consider how very little time you actually invest in it. It is profound.

So what is tantra and the link to sex?

Tantra among other things is the art of being present. In tantra you operate with seven energy centers named chakras that follows the spine from top to bottom. During sex you can generate energy in these chakras and channel the energy up your spine for greater orgasms as well as many other effects. When you work with energy you will also have the possibility to create polarity. A tension building force that will feel really really good. So here is a few tips to build good tension when doing the 69.

If you consider electrical currents, lets put some easy tags on the different parts. For the man the most tension building area is the head of the penis (thus labeled positive), the shaft and balls we label negative, and the anus and surrounding area is neutral. For the woman the clitoris is positive, the entrance of the vagina is negative, and likewise the anus and surrounding area is neutral.

To have the best tension building without experiencing a shortcircuit is when you stimulate your partners positive area then they stimulate your negative or neutral area, and vice versa. I haven’t personally tried this yet, but I am curious to the effect. So there you have it, straight from the master’s mouth.

Sex positions and chakra stimulation

A quick rundown of what chakras are stimulated by which positions if you want to explore energy work in different sex positions.

Missionary: Svadhisthana & Anahata Girl on Top: Manipura Reverse Cowgirl: Ajna Ankles Up: Muladhara Doggie Style: Svadhisthana Man in lotus position, woman mounts him face to face: Svadhisthana & Ajna After above; both stretch legs and lie down on back: Sahasrara

Enjoy your homework!