Book review: Women Who Love Sex

Written by Gina Ogden, PhD. Women Who Love Sex is a book about various ordinary women describing their relation to sex. It is built up by interviews and is a simple and entertaining read with some enlightening points. I will highlight two of these.

Women love sex Non-genital stimulation orgasms

Women love sex

I absolutely love this very central point of the book, which is also its entire theme. There is a lot of women, if not all, who love sex. Girls may appear to be these impossible to reach princess like creatures that only poop candyfloss in the cultural narrative. The special connection girl. But for the most part women will if shown how embrace the healing, magnificent sexual energy and power that they are capable of, even without a partner if need be.

This is unfortunately one of those things that is not obvious for everyone, and why books like these play an important role in our present society. The book is targeted to those who struggle with accepting their own sexuality, and for them I would imagine it to be a very kind guide.

Non-genital stimulation orgasms

Ever had a wet dream? Then you know it can happen. This is from a researchers point of view an interesting topic. If I browse through porn, it is typically always something to do with genitals.

It is described how the sharing of touch, breath and similar aspects can result in a strong electrical tension as well as forming a tight bond of intimacy. A framework for an orgasm to happen without ever touching the genitals. I would point out however that the experiences described sometime sound like a massage of the genitals interior organ areas, so it could be that it is an indirect stimulation as well. That does not account for the spontaneous orgasm that some women experience however.

All in all a simple and delightful read with an important message.